Kefalonia is considered to be one of the most beautiful islands in the whole of Greece with some very interesting geological phenomena, beautiful villages, friendly locals, delicious food and wine, and amazing beaches. With an area of 688.8 km2, Kefalonia is the largest of the Ionian Islands and the 6th largest of all the greek islands. Kefalonia is located off the west coast of mainland Greece, with Lefkas to the north, and Zakynthos to the south.

Kefalonia is a green but at the same time mountainous island. The highest peak in the Ainos range is Megas Soros at 1.628m. The mountain is surrounded by a national park with trees unique to the island. It is also inhabited by wild horses. The steep western slopes falls rapidly down to sea levels and are met with many stunning sand or pebble beaches on the shore.The beaches are as close to paradise as you can ever imagine and each little village seems prettier than the next. The island has no high-rise resorts, no noise, no pressure. This really is holiday heaven. 

Moreover, fertile valleys planted with grape vines and olive groves are home to hundreds of villages, churches and hilltop monasteries. Tiny pebbly coves and soft silver and red sandy beaches fringe the island’s mountainous shoreline. Multi-hued stalactites and stalagmites fill the cool caverns of Drogarati and sunlight creates ever-changing colours on the subterranean lake of Melissani. Loggerhead turtles nest on the island’s southern shores and rare birds flock to the Koutavos lagoon in Argostoli.


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