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The Muses

The Muses, in Greek mythology, were the daughters of Zeus and Mnemosyne, that of cognition and memory. Their number, nine (9) is the end of the numbers and the square of the number three (3) number which in ancient years was regarded as the quintessential number and number of beauty, rate and fusion.

The Muses were born in Pieria (Iera Pyli), and Bride Euphemia raised them.

Mnemosyne gave them as a teacher, God Apollonas in order to find suitable place of residence for the heavenly and divine origin, came and lived in the most beautiful mountain in Boeotia, Helicon. From this mountain's name were called and Elikoniades.


The Muses were patrons of the sciences and pursuits, who grow and delight the soul and mind.

In detail, each of them was a patron of the following:

  • Clio, patron of history.
  • Efterpi, inventor of Flute and patron of music.
  • Thalia, protector of Comedy, Georgia, Geometry and Architecture.
  • Melpomeni, patron of tragedy, rhetoric and Ode.
  • Terpsichore, inventor and protector of Arpi, Dance and Education.
  • Erato, patron of love poetry, the Orchiseos and Dialectic.
  • POLYMNIA, patron of Hymns, Lyra and theater.
  • Ourania, patron of astronomy and astrology.
  • Calliope, patron of heroic (epic) Poetry.


Polymnia was the muse of hymns and songs in honor of the gods and heroes. She was identified with Mnemosyne, because the statues shown in meditation and remembrance attitude. In Roman times she was considered the protector of the mimic art.

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